Ressourcen // Resources

Hier findet Ihr eine Auswahl der Download-Seiten und Creators, die ich am liebsten mag bzw. von denen ich die meisten Downloads für mein Spiel habe.


Here’s a selection of the download sites and creators I like best and where I got most of my custom content from.

Genetik // Genetics

Augen // Eyes

Dragonmandy @ MTS2
Pooklet @ GoS

Augenbrauen // Eyebrows

Anva @ MTS2
HystericalParoxysm @ MTS2
La_exotique @ MTS2
-Shady- @ MTS2
zoej @ MTS2

Haare // Hair


HystericalParoxysm @ MTS2
melodie9 @ MTS2
Sizz @ MTS2
XM Sims


Enayla @ Insimenator
Enayla @ MTS2
nihilin @ MTS2


Brillen // Glasses

HystericalParoxysm @ MTS2

Kleidung // Clothes

All about Style
AyameS @ MTS2
bruno @ MTS2
Cocomama @ MTS2
confide @ TSR
fakepeeps7 @ MTS2
HystericalParoxysm @ MTS2
Intuition @ TSR
Juttaponath @ TSR
Lianaa @ TSR
migamoo @ MTS2
Milsa @ MTS2
sims2sisters @ TSR
Sims Connection


Anva @ MTS2
bruno @ MTS2
Dragonmandy @ MTS2
LA Pink

Schmuck // Jewelry

Icedmango @ MTS2
Orodruin @ MTS2
Rockchick Sims
Xandher @ TSR

Wohnen // Living

Dekoration // Decoration

buggybooz @ MTS2
Cashcraft @ TSR
Dark_Lady’s Sims

debs913 @ TSR
Grito @ MTS2
macarossi @ MTS2
Muccy @ TSR
Simcredible Designs
Sophel21 @ TSR

Möbel // Furniture

Adele @ MTS2
blake_boy @ MTS2
bosie @ GoS
Cashcraft @ TSR
Holy Simoly
Piggi’s Sims
Simcredible Designs
Sims in Paris
Sunair @ TSR

Wände & Böden // Walls & Floors

clare030182 @ TSR
eriduserpent @ TSR
froilan @ TSR
hagerks2 @ TSR
Halfcreek @ TSR
Juniper Sun
Sims in Paris
Zuli Sims

Häuser // Houses

Gwen’s Sims2 Family
larsson1970 @ MTS2
plasticbox @ MTS2
Simcastic Designs
Wolfsim68 @ TSR


Dark_Lady’s Sims
Gwen’s Sims 2 Family
Panschi’s Sims
Pixel_Trade @ LiveJournal
Sims Secrets

15 Gedanken zu „Ressourcen // Resources“

  1. Hi Selzi,

    I was downloading the peggyhair that you have posted. One file that I was having trouble with was your file „Index of / booty/ts2/peggy/femalehair/hairmesh00472“. I can click into that main file and get the list of the subfiles but when I try to download those individual files, no matter what browser I use I get this message:

    Sorry, the page you requested contains a file type (application/octet-stream) we are unable to translate.

    It only happens with that one file and I cannot find a workaround for it. So I thought I would post to you and see if you knew a solution.

    Thanks for the valuable files you provide. It does make a difference out here and is appreciated.

  2. Hallo Sophie!

    Wenn du den Clean Installer benutzt, funktionieren alle Sims auch, wenn man nur das Grundspiel installiert hat! Da die Sims zum Teil schon bis zu 3 1/2 Jahre alt sind, wurden sie mit verschiedenen Erweiterungspacks gepackt – mit dem Clean Installer bist du deshalb auf jeden Fall auf der sicheren Seite! 🙂

  3. i was wondering how i could request some of your sims that arent available because im so in love with your sims i would love to give some 2nd homes and make more families for my sis:)

  4. Hi ang,

    thank you very much for your comment! Just let me know which ones you would like (either right here or in their families‘ postings), and I’ll upload them for you! If you request sims from 2010 or 2011 chances are high that I still have them. I didn’t always save the older ones, but let’s see which ones you would like, and I’ll check if I have them somewhere in my backups! 😉

  5. really thanks well let me get started lol ill post it on the families it will help make less typing for me…but i love your work its amazing i see my simmies makes some great families with your sims:)

  6. Hi ang,

    thanks a lot for the time you invested in browsing through my old families and writing down which sims you’d like. I would happily upload 5, 10 or maybe 15 sims, but 121 is just too many. It takes me about 20 minutes to pack them, write down their aspiration and such, upload their files and pictures – so that’s about 40 hours of work you’re asking for. A couple of the sims you asked for are already available at their creators‘ sites – I always link to their download if they’re still up for download. Some of the sims you would like are even Maxis premades (for example Erin Singles and Desdemona Capp), so those sims are already in your game.

    I’m really sorry I can’t fulfill all of your requests – but if you cut down your wishlist to maybe 10 or 15 sims I’ll upload them for you. 😉

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